Customerised Coaching

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Yes you read it write, our Customerised Coaching is customer focused, customised for you as the Customer and to help you focus on your Customer as well.

We identify your needs in each of the above areas by working with you and providing guidance to align your vision and goals within your business. Yes it is a lot of work, but if I said to you that in up to 12 months I guarantee you will have the results you envisioned would you put in the work to make your business the success you want it to be?

If you don’t want to put in the work or pay someone else to do that work for you then you are not the right Client for our program. We want dedicated business owners, willing to achieve results and to put in the effort required to realise those results.

What services are offered?

The following categories are in order of importance and we use these as a guide to getting your business to where you want it to be.

Some areas may not need as much attention as others and that is why we call it Customerised Coaching –¬†coaching and mentoring that is customised for your needs.

We are not an expert in all areas and may need to refer you to consultants that can assist you to get clear on what is required for the category (eg. we do not give advice on legal or financial matters).

We have a network of highly skilled and experienced consultants in all categories to help you as you need it.

  • Strategic Vision (help you clarify your direction and the strategic process to get there)
  • Business Model (what is working for you and what other business model opportunities could help you grow faster)
  • Market Analysis and Plan (target audience definition and action plan)
  • Business Processes (system)
  • Performance Standards (how you want your staff and your business to be placed and the general code of practice)
  • Operating Plan (how you want your business to work)
  • Financial Plan (what are your current financial strategies and what is on the horizon)
  • Control Plan (how you make sure the controls in place are followed)

More information

Customised coaching is a structured but flexible way of coaching. We:

  • determine your needs
  • listen to what you are doing and give you constructive and effective ideas to make adjustments and improvements
  • measure the effectiveness of your operations and marketing
  • discuss strategies and techniques that will help your business
  • share the latest trends
  • give you time and money saving ideas
  • and keep you on top of your game.

Your investment

Your commitment includes a monthly fee of $1,500 payable on the 1st of each month for a minimum of 12 months (1 x 2 hr coaching sessions per week).

So you decide if this year or next year is going to be amazing for you and we can get started on making those dreams come true.

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