We want you as a member of the Business Brilliance Group if you are:

  • willing & able to implement action outcomes immediately
  • really committed to growing and improving your business
  • dedicated to make a 12 month commitment to the group
  • ready to see tangible, improved results every month
  • keen to identify areas of improvement in your business, including what needs to be done, and ready to make those adjustments
  • willing to share your opinions but not argue the point
  • willing to be diplomatic and thoughtful towards other members
  • thirsty for knowledge
  • not always serious and like to have a bit of fun
  • brilliant at what you do
  • you live in Brisbane or close surrounding area
  • willing to partner and support other business owners
  • willing to learn from other business owners as well as your coach & mentors
  • interested in being a mentor and educating the group on areas where you have experience and expertise
  • willing to equally share your knowledge with members and not keep everything to yourself

Please complete our survey to see if you qualify to become a coaching client and member of our group.

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