What Is Your Investment?

business coaching categories we cover

Above are the categories we use in our Customerised Coaching to help define your needs and desires for your business. Sign up for a 12 month commitment of business coaching and mentoring to receive 12 months customised 1×2 hr per week coaching or mentoring sessions (face to face, email, web, or phone) PLUS extras valued over $2,000, see below:


  1. Opportunities for partnering with other business owners at my new, customised partnership marketing events (coming soon) – this is priceless and could 10x your business fast with the right connections
  2. Free local Mastermind Group Sessions each month (location specific)
  3. Step-by-step success program that is customised for your business
  4. Group sponsored promotional events.

All of this for $1,500 per month.

Sign up using the Paypal link below of want to know more, contact Michelle@businessbrilliancegroup.com or 0451104544.

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