Our Difference

I have worked in 60 small and large businesses in over 20 different industries as an employee, contractor, and consultant.

Industries include beauty, landscaping, electrical, pools and spas, commercial construction, superannuation, insurance, accounting, gaming, banking, real estate, printing, advertising, publishing, graphic design, software development, Defence, secretarial, web design, hardware development, project management, and more,

My passion is systems development, operational improvement, and strategy alignment, with digital marketing and business communication built in to make it fun. I love to help business owners and managers find ways to increase efficiency and cost savings.

I have created an initial 12 months coaching program to get you on track, work out an action plan, identify what needs to be done, and help keep you accountable for doing what you say you want to do.

What makes me different?

Have a look at what is included on the Customised Coaching Method and my Guarantee. You will see it is nothing like other coaches offer, there is no risk associated with my coaching program, if you are willing to do the work to reach your business goals, I will be there right with you.

PLUS you get a tonne of extras, including:

  1. opportunities for partnering with other business owners at my new, customised partnership marketing events (coming soon) – this is priceless and could 10x your business fast with the right connections.
  2. invites to local mastermind groups, so you can share your ideas with other local business owners.

I want you to exceed your own expectations and mine – 100%.

It is our vision to helpĀ build a community of abundant business owners. Would you like to play a part in our vision?

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