Community Programs

Our social responsibility

Our intention is to give back and support our community. As a paying member you will be contributing directly to local community programs, contributing to:

  1. helping 1,000 young people find their dream job and supporting their career progression
  2. providing members with free local workshops, seminars, or group
  3. and more that is related to business and growth.

These training sessions will be developed and facilitated following consultation with members to ensure our programs meet the needs and desires of our members. Basically we will ask you what is needed and provide free training, how good is that! 

This program will be run in locations where members are closely located. Therefore, when you introduce local members to our community you will be helping them and yourself take advantage of any free local training sessions that may be available.

Local business owners (members) will also be invited to present at these sessions, if they have relevant skills and experience to share with fellow members and the community. This is also another way for us to give back to members, and contributing to our mission to build a community of abundant business owners.

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